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Pipra Research Hub

Catalyst for Innovation

Where innovation meets inspiration and the future is waiting to be discovered. Start exploring now !

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Information Technology

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Data science and big data analytics
  • Cybersecurity and information protection
  • Quantum computing and nanotechnology

Energy & Environment

  1. Sustainable agriculture and food systems.
  2. Renewable energy sources and sustainable technologies.
  3. Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  4. Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management.
  5. Environmental pollution and remediation.
  • Disease prevention and treatment development.
  • Personalized medicine and precision health.
  • Global health and infectious disease control.
  • Mental health and neurological disorders.
  • Aging and regenerative medicine.


  1. Education and access to learning opportunities.
  2. Poverty alleviation and economic empowerment.
  3. Human rights and social justice.
  4. Gender equality and diversity initiatives.
  5. Conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

We Provides Facilities For Researchers
Pipra International's research hub projects are very broad and deep, it can be hard to put them into practice when you're actually doing research. This website is made to help researchers and scholars, both new and old, find their way around tools, rules, training, compliance, and more.

Research Translation

Committed to translating research findings into real-world solutions that benefit society. We believe that research should not be confined to academic journals.It should be accessible and applicable to the people who need it most.


Find Funding’s

Opportunities for funding include limited submissions through external organizations, university-wide internal funding, and information on funding for fellowships, program development, independent and collaborative research, among other scholarly pursuits.

Proposal Developments

Pipra int. promotes and encourage collaborative research across disciplines, university and institutions by assisting projects teams with large and small scale proposal development.

We have

Different types of technology experts who are ready to take on any kind of technical challenge.


Pipra International Research Hub shines as a model of creativity in the fast-paced world of R&D by promoting teamwork and driving ground-breaking discoveries in several disciplines. Our center is a haven for creative thinkers and pioneering researchers who come here to network, discuss their latest findings, and test the limits of what we know.

Commitment to Diversity

The pursuit of inclusiveness is a process, not a destination. Pipra International Research Hub is committed to creating a community where differences are valued, everyone is regarded with dignity, and success is possible for all. We are dedicated to creating a world where the quest for knowledge has no limits, and we intend to do so together.

The History of Pipra Research Hub

In the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, a group of passionate Dhaka University alumni ((Applied Physicists from the batch of Ninety-Three) came to realize to serve the country as well as for the humanity. Considering this scenario they aligned and formed a platform that eventually expressed as Pipra International, a place to create skills, employments & innovation.

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