Education is the backbone of every nation. \”Pipra Group\” – Thrive on Innovation.

We are excited to put our footsteps in every space of the \”Education\” sector. Thus thriving on innovation at the very early stage of education, starting from pre-school learning with fun and moving towards the establishment of higher educational institute for professional development.

  • School with Nursery and Day Care

Our very first step. We are establishing our innovative approach and cost-effective educational solutions for our first early-stage educational institute. Proper nurturing is very important for kids\’ mental and physical development. We are working on the foundation of this process. Our pre & playschool is full of creative and active learning activities where kids will learn through fun.

We care about our \”Mums\”. We are introducing daycare and after-school learning and nursery units as well. In this era of Technology, we are connected. So, parents can always be connected with the school and can virtually enjoy the fun with their kids.

Are you interested to know more on this innovative school? Please contact us.

  • Higher Education College (Proposed)

We are growing just as like as our kids growing. In addition to establish our pre & primary school, we are working on parallelly for the development of our higher educational institute. Kids move into the \”Teen\” ages. Lot\’s of dream, full for active presence. We want to maximise their potential to turn their dreams into reality. Full of applied and research based work with active interaction and participation are the core plan of the proposed higher educational system.

If you want to join with us in this journey, please contact us.


Training (Beginners, Professional, Advanced)


Diploma Institute (Proposed)




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